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Ensuring the Well-being of Our Teams and Customers


The safety of our teams and our customers is our highest priority. Every employee undergoes extensive, standardized safety training upon hire and annually. In addition, we begin every project with a thorough analysis to anticipate all possible points of failure and areas of risk. Our teams are proficient at risk mitigation tactics and problem-solving, as well as CPR training. We have worked tirelessly to establish a culture of safety, where our employees feel supported in reporting their concerns. I & C POWER fosters an expectation that all employees, regardless of role, are accountable for our goal of zero safety incidents.

Electrician on lift
Electrician working with light
Electrician working on a lift
Electrician bent down

At I & C POWER, safety is our top priority. Through rigorous training and proactive risk assessments, we ensure our teams are equipped to mitigate hazards effectively. We foster a culture of open communication, empowering employees to prioritize safety at every step. Together, we're committed to achieving zero safety incidents

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